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on Thursday, 11 September 2008 in Uncategorized

M'g GloriesMorning glories always seem to be at their finest just before the first frost...and the air feels as if the first frost is on its way soon.

I am still in Maine and had planned to head south tomorrow, but my big much-loved and much-hated Viking range has given out (I had to take an uncooked meat loaf to a friend's oven the other day) and tomorrow is the first day that Matt, Mr. Viking-fixit, could come.  So I will get the car all packed and hope that he'll be here and gone in time for me to get to Cambridge before dark.  If not, I will have to leave first thing Saturday morning.

Important that I get down there because I am invited to a skybox evening at Fenway Park on Saturday!

Amazing the number of papers accumulated over the summer, which I am packing into bags to take home.  Not newspapers. Mail, and manuscripts, and calendars, and, and....

A magazine called The American Theater has a nice article about the upcoming productions of GOSSAMER, and I am beginning to get requests from other theaters who would like to take a look at the script.

Speaking of which (the script), things are still in progress until the curtain actually goes up. Yesterday I got a request from the director to make some slight changes in one scene, which I was happy to do. Well, maybe happy is the wrong word. Willing to do. And he said that one actor, playing an abusive man, felt that perhaps his line "Stupid broad!"....directed at his intimidated wife....was dated, and could I come up with something more contemporary?  I did, but it was obscene and made the theater director snort coffee out of his nose when he read it in my email.  So they are on their own and I'll see in Milwaukee on September 19th and 20th what they came up with.  Please feel free to send suggestions, but remember that it is a family show appropriate for 10-and-up so the obvious can't be used, and causes coffee-snorting. 

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Libby Monday, 29 November 1999

what are you doing in Richmond? Will there be anything public?

NYU Monday, 29 November 1999

Yay! Thank you for mentioning us! I am working on the production and it's honestly been so rewarding! This is such a beautiful story, and I love watching it love to life.

consuelo Monday, 29 November 1999

I just re-read Berit Kjos review of your dystopian book THE GIVER. Now that we have Communitarian Obama running things completely into the ground I wonder if folks will see the parallels in your book to what is planned for America? Why DID you write such a horror story for children? What was your purpose?

Andrea Monday, 29 November 1999

i love is sooooo much!!
~Andrea (a.k.a. your #1 fan)

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