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on Tuesday, 21 October 2008 in Uncategorized
I have, on my desk, two requests to read books in galleys and write blurbs. They both seem worthy books but I am having to say no.  There was a time when I wrote occasional blurbs...one for "The Golden Compass" which certainly needed no help from me!...one for Alice Hoffman's "Incantation"...Alice is a friend of mine and I truly thought the book was terrific; it went on to win awards...and occasional others.   But it turned into an overwhelming onslaught of manuscripts and galleys; clearly I couldn't read and comment on them all, and which, then to choose?  I decided simply to say no to every one.  Having made that decision, I then had some difficult moments---when, for example, I had to say no to a friend, not long ago.  But I'm glad I made the decision I did.  It had become something of a burden, the choosing, the reading, the weighing; and I don't, actually, think the blurbs make a difference.  I kind of chuckle at them, myself, on adult books, picturing two writers having coffee together and saying to each other:  "I'll do yours if you do mine."


A comment following my previous post makes clear that the blogger remarks I alluded to were not, actually, waspish but quite benign.  I'm almost sorry because not only did it give me the opportunity to use "waspishly" as an adverb, but also it provided a segu√© into the Garrison Keillor piece where he uses "weaselish, piggish, and buzzardly," a wonderful triumvirate of descriptors.
Here's the view from my son's law office window in Portland, Maine. If you have to be in a law office, weeping over a divorce or seething about an injustice,  (or groaning about an injured back, in this case, since Lowry Legal Services specializes in disabilities) there is certainly something to be said for a great view.

My view of Casco Bay 002
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o. jimenez Monday, 29 November 1999

I had a cat named Simon who cuddled next to me always, he was the best cat in the world! (my world) We survived a divorce together, at times he would crawl under the couch and brood, and many a time I wanted to join him there. Eventually, Gracie came along, a little orphan cat I adopted and they became best buddies, and I spent my time alone, reading in bed....Simon passed away about nine years ago, I buried him in the backyard of a house in MD. wrapped in my favorite shirt, and my favorite ring. He was the best cat in the world..Gracie, amazingly enough, still with me! we both miss Simon.

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