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on Friday, 14 November 2008 in Uncategorized

Night before last I was at the Historical Society in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, speaking about the past---mostly my own past---and how it has affected my work. It was a real treat to be in that lovely, historic town, the home of Dickinson College (my grandfather's house, where I once lived while my father as overseas in WW II, now houses the Economics Department of the college). I have so many memories of being a child there---some of which I have included in the book "Autumn Street" which is fictionalized autobiography.

Some of the many people in the audience were people from my own past. One of them actually brought me this photograph of my first grade class...taken in May 1944, just after my seventh birthday.

There I am, the farthest-left girl in the middle row.  Wearing glasses!  I have no memory of wearing glasses in first grade.  I know I did, briefly, later---sixth grade, I thought.

But here is the thing that amuses and surprises me. Two girls to my left is Lois Beittel, who brought me the photograph.  And in the back, there is Lois McDonnell, my first grade teacher.

It seems amazing to have three Loises in one small space.

And it makes me chuckle to look at Mabel Hays, in the first row, far right, with her arms crossed across her chest.  Boy, did she NOT want to have her picture taken!

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sdn Monday, 29 November 1999

i love this post.
i'm wondering what the food equivalent here would be, too. an entire side of beef to yourself? hm.

Robin Monday, 29 November 1999

I just laughed as I read this post! Chonko-nabe immediately brought to mind the "hoosh" made of those "Bovril sledging rations" and lard that kept Ernest Shackleton and his men alive during some grim days on the adventure!

Common Japanese words Monday, 29 November 1999

Lol. Great story. I can't believe you don't like eel. It's one of my favorite kinds of sushi. Unagi-don is also very good. Just as a note, it is pronounced "chanko"-nabe.

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