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OMG, I didn't realize....

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on Friday, 20 February 2009 in Uncategorized

And that's the problem with most author blogs--they really have no purpose beyond self-promotion or self-absorption ("Today, I face The Blank Page ...") and the comments generally tend to be back-slapping among friends. Boring.

How this sells books is anyone's guess. Look at your own bookshelves--were the last books you bought the result of positive reviews/awards attention or an author revealing what she ate for lunch on her blog? (Yes, true anecdote.)

This is an anonymous two paragraphs from a commenter to Roger Sutton's most excellent blog.

I feel Anonymous is speaking directly to me because I did, yes, I actually did, once not only talk about but posted a PHOTO of a salad I had at a lunch. It was incredibly beautiful, being made of cubed golden and red beets...and that is my only excuse for such boorish and self-absorbed behavior.

But the thing is (she lines up her excuses here)...I did not know that a blog was supposed to be selling books.  Not a clue.

I have sometimes wondered---and sometimes wondered publicly, on this blog---what its purpose is, or if there is a purpose at all.  And over the past three years, which is just about as long as this blog has existed, short a few months, I have decided that it simply is a pleasant way to while away some time, to organize some thoughts, and to invite family and friends, including friends I've never met---none of whom are back-slappers, that I’m aware of----to share in the process.

Just for the record, today for lunch I had a bowl of homemade chili.  I sprinkled a little grated cheese on it. Ooops.  TMI.

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Beth Monday, 29 November 1999

Oh Lois. The "people at the other end" of that phone call when you canceled--one of them was probably me. I don't know that we were outraged, just disappointed, confused, and trying to figure out what to do. The person who made the call for you did not give a reason for you cancelling--it wasn't until months later that I heard your son had died. I never realized that you had been given the information that we were outraged, if I had I certainly would have contacted you sooner. I was chair of the Sequoyah committee that year and in way over my head and trying to hold it all together. That conference and that presentation was a disaster on so many levels--I vividly remember chirping to the kids that you had won the Newbery twice--once for "Summer of the Swans" and once for "The Giver." I was so humiliated when my mistake was pointed out later--I was glad you weren't there to witness it and be offended. At any rate, I hope you will forgive me. You must have been in unimaginable pain, and I sincerely regret adding to that in any way.
Sincerely, Beth DeGeer

Krista Monday, 29 November 1999

I did not know- I wish you peace in the moments the pain seems unbearable.

lois Lowry Monday, 29 November 1999

Beth: Please forgive me for my flippancy in referring to an event of 15 years ago which must have caused you a lot of misery! And I am sorry I said I hoped whoever it was would be embarrassed. It was a bad time for me, understandably; but I was not sensitive enough to realize it had caused a bad time for you as well.

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