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More--sigh---about THE GIVER

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on Sunday, 01 March 2009 in Uncategorized

This comment just arrived,  to be appended to an earlier post about the stage play of THE GIVER currently being produced in New York:

I just re-read Berit Kjos review of your dystopian book THE GIVER. Now that we have Communitarian Obama running things completely into the ground I wonder if folks will see the parallels in your book to what is planned for America? Why DID you write such a horror story for children? What was your purpose?


Since I didn't know who Berit Kjos was, I googled that name and came up with something called Kjos Ministries, the website of which seems no longer to exist.

But here is another person who references Kjos in regard to THE GIVER:

This article by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it of Kjos Ministries is an extremely dynamic and flowing presentation of one of the most corruptive and destructive tools availble to public education.

Berit first accounts the book through interaction with Laura, a fourth grade student who experienced the book by oration from her teacher. Berit's relation of the horrors of the experience are inescapable -- infanticide by lethal injection to the baby's brain in the name of convenience and manipulation of entire populations for the good of the State! Shades of Hitler Germany!!!

Next, Berit identifies how The Giver parallels Hillary Clinton's Village concept: state control of entire populations, usurping of parental rights and control, inhibition of individuality, and mandatory community services -- all to the "Fatherland."

That the principal of Laura's school refused to remove the book because of his/her "reluctance to stifle academic freedom" is ludicrous. How in the Holy name of Jesus can this kind of fantasy poison be of any value. Tell me what educational objectives are served by such infectious tripe? How can presentation of infanticide and socialistic controls as acceptable and even desirable be of any traditionally educational use? And this is not to mention the fact that The Giver presents graphic murder of babies as a necessary part of life and presents it to they who were babies not that long ago!

As your brother in Christ, I beg you to do whatever you morally can to remove this book from the shelves of our schools. We are likely to pay dearly if we don't. We have enough influence by our culture to desensitize us to murder and governmental manipulations and to set the stage for moving into the village concept of general acceptance of whatever is dealt to us -- we do not need another book to help cultivate this cancer through our kids! Heavenly Father, help us. Heal our land!


There are a number of questions asked here, both by the first person who sent in the comment, and then by the writer of the second article.  I don't think I'm going to bother answerng them.

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Lisa Sessa Monday, 29 November 1999

My personal favorite was the Betsy McCall paper doll in McCall's magazine. There was always a story about what she was doing and then clothes to match.
I know what you mean about scissors. Mom was always very protective of her pair. I was always in trouble for borrowing them. My sister gave me a pair of scissors last Christmas. She said they were mine alone and I didn't have to share them with anyone. They were the best gift ever!

debrennersmith Monday, 29 November 1999

I so enjoyed this post! I remember my mom and dad kidding that the scissors were in my room no matter where they really were in the house. Now I have LOTS of scissors at my own grown up house. As I read your post, I thought I wonder how expensive scissors were when I was little. http://writingeverydayworks.wordpress.com/">http://writingeverydayworks.wordpress.com/" rel="nofollow">http://writingeverydayworks.wordpress.com/">http://writingeverydayworks.wordpress.com/

M Monday, 29 November 1999

Oh, I enjoyed this. I was born in 1990 but I really loved paper dolls as a kid too.

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