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on Tuesday, 24 March 2009 in Uncategorized


These beauties came for my birthday from my daughter-in-law in Germany (and from her partner,  Jürgen, and from my granddaughter, Nadine)---and they really brighten the scene here while outside it is bitter cold once again.  My son in Maine  told me he went for a 30-mile bike ride with a friend on Sunday, but I can't even imagine it, in this cold.

Me, I was in Fort Myers, Florida over the weekend, and enjoying---in addition to the sunshine and 80 degrees)  a couple of trips down Memory Lane.  I had lunch with my old friend Dianne, who lives there, and whom I last saw when we were both 17.  We worked (and roomed)  together at a Pocono Mountains resort the summer before we began college. And before that, we were in high school together--and she reminded me of the weekend, spring of 1954, that we went together to visit my sister who was at Penn State. Big deal for a couple of high school girls!

Then that night I had dinner and a visit with another friend, Harriet, who also lives in that part of Florida, with whom I had been in junior high school in Tokyo in the late 1940's!

My memories of those years---both age 12 and age 17---are so clear they could have been yesterday.

So Florida was a fun time.  The Book Festival where I spoke and signed books had a bunch of authors there---Dennis Lehane, for one, and Tess Gerritson, whom I enjoyed meeting because she lives in Maine---though as it turns out, nowhere near my Maine residence.  (Maine is a very big state!)

On Thursday I am headed there to get in some uninterrupted work time for a few days. I tried to do that three weeks ago and a snowstorm intervened---yuck.  There will still be snow on the ground up there---and skiiers on the mountain----but I think the end of winter is around the corner and I am starting already to think about the gardens.  

On my way home, next Tuesday, I'll stop to visit my grandson's fifth grade class.  Fifth was my own favorite year of elementary school---I loved my teacher, Mrs. O'Hara.  But when the class did a very large wall-sized mural of a wagon train heading west---she made me draw the oxen. Damn.

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Julia Monday, 29 November 1999

Ah, life's little blunders. They will certainly remember that conference! :) What is this picture from?

Kari Monday, 29 November 1999

My friend and I both burst into laughter when you said that. We thought it was funny. :)It was a great conference. Thank you so much for coming to little old Rexburg. It was really special for me to meet the author of my all time favorite book. Thanks again.

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Geoffrey Monday, 02 April 2018

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