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on Tuesday, 21 April 2009 in Uncategorized

Here is one Q and A from an interview with me that can be found at the Abbeville Press website (actually, at their blog, called Abbeville Manual of Style). 

AMoS: You are the Final Judge for this year’s “Battle of the (Kids’) Books” tournament held by School Library Journal. Do you find it fun or difficult (or both) to judge your fellow authors’ work?

LL: I find it impossible. I once was a judge for the National Book Awards and it just about did me in. However, this “Battle of the Books” thing is an entertainment, more than anything else, and I am treating it as such. All the contending books are brilliant books—none is “better” than another. It’s a circus act, and it’s fun, and at the end I’ll say whether I applauded more at the dancing elephant or the juggling seal. That’s all.

As for the ongoing Battle of the Books, it is narrowing down day by day....you can get to it by going to the School Library Journal and from there to their blog.  (For some reason I can't seem to master the art of inserting a url into a blog post. Sorry.)

Anyway: the Battle of the Books is a lot of fun but I am worried that some (shall be nameless) people are/will be taking it very, very seriously and for them I will certainly have been the wrong choice as Final Judge.

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Harry Larrabee Monday, 29 November 1999

Dear Mrs. Lowry,
Hi from the kids at Hancock Grammar School.
We really appreciate the fact that you wrote the book Gathering Blue. We would like you to try to write other books about the characters from Gathering Blue. We know that you have written the Messanger, but we want another one.
My teacher, Mrs. Sprague, would like to know how much the cost would be for you to come to our school and talk to us about your books.
We really loved Gathering Blue.
Thank you,
7th Grade from HGS

lois Lowry Monday, 29 November 1999

Dear 7th graders: Thanks for your kind words about Gathering Blue. I do think about writing another book to follow the trilogy----in fact have written some of it!---but I have so many projects that at the moment I have had to set that one aside. It is in the "waiting" line.
I'm afraid I don't visit schools. I did for years but it became too time consuming and finally I had to make the difficult decision to stop doing it.

Grenser Monday, 29 November 1999

Isn't he just sex on legs. hubba hubba

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