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(Press release):

It looks like things are on the definite upswing for Greensboro, North Carolina band Jonas Sees In Color. They have just signed to indie label Glassnote Records. The label was behind the recent huge success of the single "Fall for You" by Secondhand Serenade. In addition, the band is working in the studio with producer Aaron Johnson who worked with The Fray on their first two albums. Johnson says of the band, "Jonas Sees In Color is a strong edgy rock band with a soft melodic feel. The juxtaposition creates an awesome sound that is as unique as it is familiar."

Jonas Sees In Color was formed in 2005 and have gained a strong following through touring in the East, Midwest and South. The band's name comes from the 1993 Newbery Award winning novel The Giver by Lois Lowry. Lead vocalist Ryan Downing says, ""Our name is basically a metaphor. In The Giver, the main character (Jonas) lives in a black and white world. When he is chosen to take on the responsibility of the hopes, thoughts, and feelings of his entire village, he finally begins to see in color. One of the most important goals of our music is to create a connection with the listener by accurately connecting the stories and ideas contained in our music in a way that allows the listener to take and interpret the songs as their own."

The debut album from Jonas Sees In Color is due in stores this summer.

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J. Angelo Racoma Monday, 29 November 1999

Hi Lois,
I have daughters aged 6 and 5 (and two sons, too). And while I must admit I'm not sure what exactly goes in their minds every day, I think they're at a stage in which they're fascinated about things like kingdoms, magical creatures, and such things.
And, yes, as we grow up, we kind of lose that magic. Or, perhaps, it's still there, but our priorities change and we don't realize there's still that childlike wonder within us.

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