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Raspberry breakfast

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on Friday, 10 July 2009 in Uncategorized

I was just out with the dog----at 5:30 AM, for some reason his preferred time to go out in the AM----and had put a pot of coffee on first, so it was waiting for me in the house, when I discovered that the wild raspberries behind my barn were at their absolute peak. So I feasted on raspberries while Alfie puttered around.

Blueberries are not yet ripe, and I am going to be off on a trip next week, until July 27th. So maybe my housesitters will get the benefit of the blueberries. But a raspberry breakfast was lovely.


Back here at my desk, re-reading a half-finished book manuscript, I have just made a note to myself: Introduce Harvey and Augustus sooner.  Yesterday, while working on this book, these two characters suddenly appeared out of nowhere, with particular personalities that I like (one whines, one pontificates)...so there they are. But I realize that they were always there, and now I have to go back and introduce them sooner, instead of having them pop up unexpectedly.

A computer, of course, makes this so easy. Sometimes I think back to the days when I wrote on a tyepwriter, and revision of any sort---introducing characters earlier, for example---meant re-typing a zillion pages, not a happy task.

Speaking of new characters, my daughter in San Francisco has just (or maybe it wasn't JUST, but I just noticed it) put a high school photo of herself , probably 15 years old, on her Facebook album.  Here it is:

Max high school copy

And looking at it transports me right back in time. Her siblings would have been 14, 12, and 11, then. I was always either in the kitchen, or in my darkroom---I was doing a lot of photography then---or at my little electric typewriter, at a little table, in a corner of a sort of den, in our house. I was in graduate school, always writing some paper or other (I remember one I loved doing, which compared the work of Virginia Woolf to photography at that time, and how it was changing, as writing was---I remember writing about the shifting focus and different lenses  used in "To the Lighthouse").

She was a serious scholar, too; and it was probably the summer she was 15 that she enrolled in some courses at the same nearby university where I was studying. She took German, and began translating Rilke.

My kids were all very interesting, each of them in different ways. I don't think I was too busy to appreciate that at the time.  But I certainly was busy.

Now I wander around picking raspberries.

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Tara Monday, 29 November 1999

I'm sorry you had to receive those kind of emails, especially when the writers of the emails are very rude and immature.
As others said, it's good to ignore them. I read your book, The Giver, in 10th grade (I'm now in my mid-20s), and it had forever changed my perspective on utopias and other worldly views. The Giver and Number the Stars both remain to be my favourite YA books until this day, and I'm proud to have read them!

sdn Monday, 29 November 1999

"(I said the same thing to another boy a few years ago, in an email, and he replied, "F___ you, lady, I'm very mature, I'm 17" His reply qualifies, in my opinion, as a good example of Quod Erat Demonstrandum)"
i love you, lois lowry.

Brian Monday, 29 November 1999

I just spent the vacation reading The Giver with my reluctant-reading seventh grader. It was required for his class and it was a joy to share it with him.
Thank you for your work and talent.

Chandra Monday, 29 November 1999

I read The Giver for the first time this year (LOVED IT!) and actually only put it together very recently that you were ALSO the author of the fantastic Anastasia series that I grew up with. I can't tell you what pleasure those books brought to me! Anastasia Again was particularly memorable for me. I read it over and over and I remember being desperately in love with her tower room and the peeling wallpaper! I absolutely can't wait to share the series with my own daughter.

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