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on Monday, 24 August 2009 in Uncategorized

I can't recommend highly enough the Sunday, August 23rd magazine section of the New York Times, which focuses on the plight of women world-wide. The individual stories of deprivation and powerlessness are so compelling. But the article  makes clear, as well, that there are things we as fellow humans--(in my case, fellow woman)--can do to help.  This morning I went to the website of WOMEN FOR WOMEN INTERNATIONAL (there are many other such organizations as well) and arranged to sponsor a woman in Afghanistan, to provide education, vocational training, emotional support. This will cost me $37 a month.

I've always sent donations to organizations whose causes I believed in. But there is something about one-to-one ---knowing who a person is, knowing you are making a difference to that person, and the awareness that that person in need knows you care---that appeals to me.


Two days ago I bought a pair of earrings for $70 from a local goldsmith.  I didn't need earrings. But I wanted to support a Maine artisan. And I suppose I still feel that way, and am not going to throw my earrings (which I am currently wearing) away.

But I feel much better about sending support each month to a woman who has so meager a future without help.

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Sue Sirgany Monday, 29 November 1999

Yikes! You might want to buy a 50 feet long-line usually used for dog training! That has kept our poodles out of coyote/fox range at times.

Jay Monday, 29 November 1999

I can't tell from the photo, but if the tracks are about 2" in diameter, and have NO claw marks, then you have yourself a bobcat for sure. Any claw mark would mean it's a member of the dog family. Look around for scratch marks on your trees. They like to use trees as scratching posts. Their scat often looks a lot like a dog's and can be difficult to tell apart.

kkdkd Monday, 29 November 1999

i have a dog, an dshe loves squirrels. i have a summer home, and we haven't taken her yet, but i bet she'll love it there.

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