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on Tuesday, 01 September 2009 in Uncategorized

My grandfather was a lawyer. My mother’s brother was a lawyer. My ex-husband is a lawyer. My son is a lawyer. My stepson is a lawyer.


So why have I never had the slightest desire to be a lawyer?


Easy. I hate arguments.


And for that reason I am never going to say another word about the teaching of reading or the use of books in the classroom or what constitutes classic literature or whether it is of value in our lives or if , in fact, chocolate is better than vanilla.


And please stop emailing me about how I don’t know anything and am unqualified to comment on the subject, because it is hearsay and irrelevant and prejudicial.


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Tara Monday, 29 November 1999

Oh, that's good to know! Thanks for sharing us this information. :)
It's a shame more people don't know about that fact, especially in Denmark.

Rachel Kissinger Monday, 29 November 1999

This is so amazing to find TODAY. I have just finished reading Number the Stars to my students. We were focusing on historical fiction and they were very interested in the information found in the Afterword. It made it more real for them. They thought it was really cool that I found this entry, posted just yesterday, and to see the actual details about the concotion, to see the picture of Dr. Morch.
The kids clapped when we finished the story and commented that they wished there was a second book so they could read about Ellen's return.
Thank you for writing this book and enlightening us all on this part of history. Thanks to to your friend, Annelise, for sharing her memories with you.

Betty Birney Monday, 29 November 1999

Brilliant, Lois. Your concern about the truth is what makes your writing so superb. Thanks for disseminating this information in a strange landscape of Holocaust deniers (sp? - it must be deniers, can't be denyers), we need to have this information out. And Bravo to Dr. Morch for his creativity! I'm so glad you called him to our attention.

Tammy Gillmore Monday, 29 November 1999

Thanks for this update and your willingness to share...now I will share this with my students...soon we will read The Giver.

SallyB Monday, 29 November 1999

NUMBER THE STARS has always been my favorite childhood book. To this day, I remember the book with Ellen's Star of David necklace imprinted on her friend's hand. At the time, I wanted a good story. Now, as an adult, I'm glad to hear the history behind it. Thank you for this information--so interesting!

Hugh Flynn Monday, 29 November 1999

That is very interesting i read the book more then a year ago and wondered were that mixture came from.My grandfather livied in Yogoslavia from 1932-1946 he was able to speak german during the tim of the invasion so he communicated with the nazis.His fathers farm was on the site of a factory.In the loft of that factory is were the local Partisans livied.His mother cooked for them and his father hid supplies for them.My grandfather got every were by sking then and every year when he was a little boy kis father would build him a small track going down hill the first every year it snowed (he didnt have to build it more then once it is a very snowy country).But he hid supplies under the slope.One day the nazis got reports that they might be hidding them in the lopft.So his faher was ahead of it and sent the partisans hiding somewere in the woods.The nazis went in the loft with my grandfathers father.The man leading the nazis stepped in excrement (the partisans had no toliets in the loft)heexclaimed What is this!! My greatgrandfather cooly said...theres alot of cats up here.The nazis left.The Yogoslavian ressistance was the only ressistance throught out the war to push the nazis out with no allied assistance.

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samra Monday, 27 November 2017

The whole story is very interesting for me. I don't know this story is near to facts or not. But if we suppose its near to facts then it shows a lot of loopholes in our judicial system which need to be cover as soon as possible. Anyway, I'm looking way to fix windows 10 taskbar not working but when i noticed this story like to read it.

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