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Lois Lowry
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on Thursday, 29 October 2009 in Uncategorized

Well, I have now seen "Where the Wild Things Are"  Everyone I had talked to had a different opinion---reviews are mixed---and I went at it with an open mind.

Wild things 2

The little boy playing Max was wonderful.  And the visual effects spectacular.

But I have to admit I didn't like it.  I wanted to. It has been a great favorite of my younger son, who still, in his 40s, treasures his childhood edition which, many years later, Maurice  signed and decorated for him.

But my son now has two sons of his own. I was thinking of them when I watched the film. And I felt they would be bored and puzzled by it.

As I was.

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Pat Wooldridge Monday, 29 November 1999

The perfect solution, for all the right reasons. :))

ojimenez Monday, 29 November 1999

Many, many, moons ago, the brother of my girlfriend's recondite roommate ( group house, not unlike the one in a Jhumpa Lahiri short story) wrote a book. A rather simple book, I thought, when I got a taste of its contents from one of those flimsy, 'not for resale' ARC's (advance reading copy)
Panned by the august New York Times book reviewers, surely, the crushing end of a budding career.
Not-so-fast! says none other than the MAN HIMSELF, a Mr. King (known for some scary fiction immortalized in the consciousness of american movie-goers by a Mr. Nicholson with his "Here's Johnny" bit. )
Not so fast, indeed! Mr. King liked the book. He agreed to appear on 'Good Morning America' defending its author (none other than the quiet Mr. Smith, brother to my girlfriend's proud-of-having-a-brother-on-TV roommate)
making his book a "best seller" and a motion picture! A shining example of the magic of an established author's praise, worth it's weight in gold, to a virgin author.
Needles to say, It became a hit, not the book, but for me to tell the tale, at boring cocktail parties, office meetings, and random inconsequential gatherings, that I KNEW the sister (who hated my guts) of the author of that rather simple book and movie:
"A Simple Plan."

Paola Gerini Monday, 29 November 1999

Dear Lois,
I've just finished to read the Giver and I've been overwhelmed by the story... I'm fifty, but my soul belongs to a fifteen... I should like to know if the light over the hill were real or the poor children (jonas and gabe) are going to die and the vision were only the sameone of the sad ending belonged to The Little Match Girl by Andersen... When I was four and I listened for the first time this tale I cry and cray for several days... yesterday evening when I finished to read the Giver I told to my husband:"If Lois Lowry haven't written the sequel of this novel I want to write by myself! I can't belive that Jonas had to die! For sure he found a Community which had invented a more loving way to deal with problems of human conflict... (we belong to a Community that have found a way of living in love and peace, we belong to a Christian church based on God Spell and I know for sure that is possible!)... and after to have taken restore from this new way of life, he come back from Elsewhere Land with Gabe becomed a proud, intelligent and courageous adult, to the Community.
Here, they will make a revolution and save people from the Uniformity.
Happy end!!!
If you like it and if you want: you can write by yourself!
But now I want to know only if in your mind Jonas and Gabe are alive or not at the novel end!
Thanks for listening me, bye and blessig!
Paola from Florence Italy

Lois Lowry Monday, 29 November 1999

Paola: Yes, there are two books that follow THE GIVER (and yes, Jonas and Gabriel are alive)though I don't know if they are published (yet) in Italian. In English their titles are GATHERING BLUE and MESSENGER.

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