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on Monday, 16 November 2009 in Uncategorized

First, before explaining the odd title to this post; here is the photo of the Literature to Life Award given to me last week in NYC by the American Place Theatre:

Lit to Life Award

As you can see, it is quite lovely, engraved with a passage from THE GIVER.  i went on after that occasion from New York to Chicago, for the opening of the play GOSSAMER, which has received absolutely wonderful reviews. From the photo on my previous post, you can see why: the staging and design was quite magical.

Following Chicago, I went to Albany---more about that trip in another post---and then to the annual Children's Book Fair at the University of Connecticut. There was a very nice dinner, and a chance to meet the other authors and illustrators, plus the staff of the Dodd Center there -- a fine collection of children's literature original materials---and also those hard-workers who run the book fair each year, quite an undertaking.

We visitors all stayed in the Nathan Hale Inn, where at 2:15 AM the fire alarm went off. That was the time and place where, in a misty drizzle, one could observe some of the finest people in the field, in their pajamas.  In my haste to leave my room I left my iPhone behind and so could not take pictures. But illustrator Diane DeGroat did, and threatened to post them on Facebook. I fear they won't be terribly revelatory because it was the traditional dark and rainy night---the only lights from two large fire engines. Eventually we were allowed to return to our rooms; no explanation of what the firefighters found or fought. Could a children's book author perhaps have been SMOKING! Yikes!

One more photo---a Martha Stewart sort of photo---because I am now in Maine, and have picked some last apples in hopes of creating a dessert.

Apples Nov

My friend, writer Susan Goodman, is here with me for a few days of uninterrupted work. Well, maybe interrupted by apple-crisp making.

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Jannele A. Monday, 29 November 1999

Doing a project and it ask
Favorite Quotations:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite TV shows:
Favourite Music:
and if your in any groups?
Member of:
I was unable to find these questions in your bibliography. I would truly appreciate your help. Always Jannele A

Lois Lowry Monday, 29 November 1999

Quotation, from the Dalaia Lama: "My religion is kindness."
Favorite movie: FARGO
Favorite TV show: Masterpiece Theatre
Am I in any groups? I belong to PEN New England, an organization for writers and people who love literature

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