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on Sunday, 22 November 2009 in Uncategorized

I came scarily close to missing my flight to Philadelphia yesterday morning. The plane was scheduled to leave at 7:15 and so I had booked my car service (this is the one hugely extravagant thing in my life. I use a car service to and from the airport) to pick me up at 6 AM. Which it did, of course--they are always on time, unlike taxis, and always know what route to take (unlike taxis. These are the reasons why I use the car service, these plus the fact that I don't have to listen to the drivers' political views, or sit white-knuckled as they speed)

So. My driver dropped me at the airport at 6:20, and because I had forgotten to do so from my own computer, i had to get my US Airways boarding pass from a kiosk, and then it was 6:25. And that's when I discovered the line at security. MILES long.  I had not anticipated the number of families headed, the Saturday before Thanksgiving, to the Caribbean.  Gulp.  Having no other options that I could think of, I got in the line, which was interminable and apparently unmoving. I stood there, inching forward,  until it was 6:40---my plane was to start boarding at 6:45---and there were still zillions of people, most with strollers and golf clubs, ahead of me.

Then I thought of a possible solution---scary because it meant giving up my place in line, and by now there were a hundred people, at least, behind me.  But I thought I remembered that from the US Airways Shuttle to NY or DC , at the other end of the terminal, you could in fact get to the regular gates by a back route. So I scurried there, and indeed there were few people n the security line, because people aren't making business trips at 7 on a Saturday morning. Whew. I made my way through, and indeed found my way around to the regular gates, and got to my plane, which was, by then, half boarded, in time.

And now I am in Philadelphia. Last weekend at a hotel in Connecticut, I did what I always automatically do in a hotel room, which is to look at the little map of emergency exits on the back of the door. Last weekend was the first time I have actually been called upon to groggily remember that information, when I had to leave the hotel at 2 AM as the fire engines pulled up.

Here, I wonder why bother studying the map! I am on the 29th floor. It does make for a great view of the city:

Phila at night

Yesterday I signed books for 3 hours in the exhibition hall of the NCTE convention---saw a lot of acquaintances and friends, one of the best things about these conventions. David Weisner was signing next to me at one point. And Jerry Spinelli stopped by to say hi. (Both David and Jerry live in Philadelphia) Kathy Lasky and Jane Yolen---both of whom live in Massachusetts, as I do (Kathy within walking distance of my house!) Plus loads of others. And this morning I am about to meet David Bradley for brunch---David is the director of the theater which will produce "Gossamer" here in the spring.

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Crystal R. Monday, 29 November 1999

Thanks for posting your revision process, Ms. Lowry! As an aspiring writer it's very helpful to see how slight changes can significantly change the reading of a passage.

Toko Herbal
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Toko Herbal Monday, 19 February 2018


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