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on Friday, 27 November 2009 in Uncategorized


This is the quite small (36 room) hotel where Martin and I are spending three days before going on to Germany.  We've been in Paris before, even once rented a flat here, but this time decided to stay in a part of the city that we don't know well, and so ended up here in the 15th arrondissement, on a quiet side street very near the Eiffel Tower. And since we didn't come this time to sight-see, mostly we have just been taking walks, scoping out the neighborhood, and are impressed with the parks and gardens everywhere. It would be a nice area to live in. Late this afternoon we watched parents waiting outside a primary school, for their kiddies to be let out: some moms actually carrying loaves of bread, and the little ones all in toggle coats---as if they had all been cast in a Truffaut film like "L'Argent du Poche"  which portrayed French children so beautifully.


At noon today we found a brasserie and had moules --- mussels --- enough to feed an army; we couldn't finish.

Tomorrow, more of the same---except for the moules---and then we will fly to Luxembourg on Sunday, to be picked up by my daughter-in-law for the one-hour drive across the border to their home in Germany.

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Jessika Monday, 29 November 1999

As far as I know (Spanish is my 2nd language), Kira doesn't have any hidden meaning; I then thought perhaps it was the sound of the name, but that won't work - there's Shakira, the famous singer, and no one seems to have a hard time with the "kira" in her name. So who knows why they changed her name, but I'm totally going to pick a copy of this up - hoping they don't have any other major changes!

Mientras Lees Monday, 29 November 1999

I from Spain. Kira doesn't have any hidden meaning. But all names were "translated" into Spanish, to facilitate reading to children. If you ask me, I do not agree with that.
The trilogy The Giver in Spain is complete. The first book is called "The Giver of memories" (in spanish El dador de recuerods), the second "Searching of Blue" (in spanish En busca del azul) and the third "The Messenger" (in spanish El mensajero).
Thank you Lois, for writing a beautiful story. I loved reading it :)

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