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  • PLEASE, People!!!

    If you send me a letter and want a reply...or if you send me a book to be signed and returned to you... I NEED YOUR FULL NAME AND AN ADDRESS!!!!   (and in the case of a book, I'd appreciate return postage as well)   ... ...
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  • Synchronicity

    I am not certain if "Synchroncity" is the correct word.  But I am thinking of the circumstances when quite unexpectedly something happens at exactly the right time. Such as now. A few minutes ago I went into the living room to the part of the bookcase where I had some travel books stored. When I moved, and downsized, I threw away (actually, donate ...
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  • Me Again

    I realize I have not posted a blog entry for a month. Time has gotten away from me yet again, and in the past month I have been to Tucson (Tucson Book Festival...fabulous) and to Charlottesville (Virginia Festival of the Book...also fabulous), to Cambridge, MA twice (dentist. And again dentist. Not so fabulous) and now am headed off again...New Yor ...
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  • Travel and taxes

    Taxes. Blizzards. Airports.  these are the things that have been obssessing me for about six weeks. Every year I have to put together my tax informaton for my accountant; what's the big deal? I've done it for years. I am self-employed, so I have to organize all those receipts and document that yes, I did have lunch in the Houston Airport on my way ...
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  • knit one, purr two

    Today, once again, we in Maine are snowbound. 10 inches, they predict. But this time I have no plane to catch...only a theater ticket for tongiht, and the play will probably be re-scheduled. So I am cozily at home, with a fridge full of food; and I decided to use this unexpected time to deal wiht a negected project.  No, not a book manuscript, tho ...
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