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  • She's Baaaacckk!

    ... ...
    Dec 11 Tags: Untagged
  • Everything Goes Haywire

    ...and I don't have a clue where that phrase came from. Going haywire? What does it mean? But it came to my mind Wenesday ngiht, when...almost simultaneously...a dental implant fell out. Because of a snowstorm the power went off. And..unrelated to the power outage..my email program failed...can't send, can't receive. Is it fair for everythng to h ...
    Nov 28 Tags: Untagged
  • A new book. No, not by me.

    I got back late last ngiht from Savannah, Georgia, where I had spent all day yesterday at the outdoor Savannah Book Festival. Savannah is a gorgeous city which I have not visited often enough, so I had been happy to accept that invitation. But who knew that the internet weather forecast would lie as profoundly as it did when it said the day of the ...
    Nov 16 Tags: Untagged
  • A glimpse of evening

      I have always loved the writing of Donald Hall and his late wife, Jane Kenyon. My daughter read a Kenyon poem ("Let Evening Come") at Martin's memorial service.  Now I have just received in the mail, from its publisher, Donald Hall's new book, with an eerily reminiscent photograph. No, this is not Carl Nelson, whom I photographed years ago and ...
    Nov 05 Tags: Untagged
  • Where does time go?

    Once again I start out with an apology. Time just whizzes past, doesn't it?  And as usual I have been on the road. First of all: New York, for the Symphony Space celebration of the 20th anniversary of the publication of NUMBER THE STARS (too many "of"s in that sentence, I know)  Crowded theater, lots of kids. And a wonderful moderator..or maybe sh ...
    Oct 31 Tags: Untagged
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