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  • Cantankerous? Me?

    Again, apologies for Neglect of the Blog.  There should be a governmental agency that handles such crimes as Blog Nelglect. Maybe they would remove the Blog from my keeping and give it to Foster Bloggers? But: hey. The movie stuff became entirely too much for one human.  Last time I posted anything, I had been to Las Vegas and was about to go to S ...
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  • Real Estate Lust

    Yes, I have been busy. No, I don't fritter away my time reading junk novels and eating bon-bons. I actually have been finishing up a project (foreword to a British book being re-published) and doing a number of interviews, and have also been going back and forth on movie-related trips (next week, San Diego) But this afternoon I took a break and we ...
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  • Neglect, neglect....

    Yes, it is true, I have been negecting this blog shamefully, and wiht not excuses, just explanations.  Movie stuff! I have been to NYC, seen an early private screening, then joined with others* to try to re-write the final voiceover which has been a challenge...to say so much, in such limited time, I have watched and re-watched those final minutes ...
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  • PLEASE, People!!!

    If you send me a letter and want a reply...or if you send me a book to be signed and returned to you... I NEED YOUR FULL NAME AND AN ADDRESS!!!!   (and in the case of a book, I'd appreciate return postage as well)   ... ...
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  • Synchronicity

    I am not certain if "Synchroncity" is the correct word.  But I am thinking of the circumstances when quite unexpectedly something happens at exactly the right time. Such as now. A few minutes ago I went into the living room to the part of the bookcase where I had some travel books stored. When I moved, and downsized, I threw away (actually, donate ...
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