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  • Happy 100th

    I don't know if that is the thing to say to JFK...but he would have been 100 this year, the same year that I turned 80. Hard to believe in both cases. I remember when he was elected and of course I remember the day (and hour and minute) that he died. I spent yesterday at the JFK Library in Boston, for a conference that was based on "writing from l ...
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  • RINSE.

    This morning I spent an uncomfortable hour in the hands of a dental surgeon, then drove to a different dentst where I spent another hour and now I am at home with Advil and icepacks and amoxicillin and I have just eaten sipped a dinner of soup. When I was CVS picking up my Rx, the pharmacist, a young woman, had a charming accent and wore a nametag ...
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  • Oscars again

    I indulged once again this year in what I have come to think of as a night of shallow revelry...commenting, with three women friends, all of us sprawled in my TV room, on various gowns (what's with the to-the-navel cleavage? Do we need this?)..and then, because I had thought MOONLIGHT a brillliant film and rooted for it, I turned the TV off in disa ...
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  • Cote d'Azur

    I am back in Maine, having magically missed the 10 days when 3 feet of snow fell here. Today it is 44 degrees and the sun in shining in a blue sky. I'm sure there will be more snow to come....March is a false-promser; one thnks it is spring on the way (and I have always liked my birthday, allegedly the first day of spring)...but inevitably it disap ...
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  • Grandpa's House

      I have been working on tax stuff...which is BORING...and I did a live radio call-in show with Christopher Paul Curtis...which was fun...and then, sitting here alone (Howard is off playing bridge with his guys' bridge club, a cut-throat group if I ever saw one), I started searching Google Maps for places I have lived in the past.  In a way it i ...
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