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  • Poor Bucky

      Some years ago, my brother, a doctor, gave my grandson a human skeleton for his 13th birthday.  The same grandson will be 19 next month and his interests have moved on to other things, some of them better off unidentified.  Bucky (for so the skeleton is named, for reasons I have forgotten) now lives in my office, wearing a baseball cap.  I ign ...
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  • Remembering army posts Featured

    Perhaps it is coincidental, but on Memorial Day weekend Howard and I went by boat to Great Diamond IsIand in Casco Bay (Maine) and stayed at the Inn at Diamond Cove for a brief (chilly, rainy, but cozy) time. I say coincidental because I had not been there before and had not known...until we arrived...that the Inn is actually a military barracks, ...
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    I said in an earlier post that I would write about an event in New York...it has now happened, and was as interesting and successful as I had hoped it would be.  Last summer, a painter named Linden Frederick asked fifteen writers to embark on a project wiht him. I was one of them.  He gave each of us a preliminary study of a painting he had yet to ...
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  • May already!

    Somehow a lot of time has passed and it is now May 10, and I am completely recovered form pneumonia, and have been to Cuba for nine days, and then to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, OR, and now am just about to leave for NYC for four days of theater and opera. Wedged in around and among all of this, I have been, actually working. Writin ...
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  • Happy 100th

    I don't know if that is the thing to say to JFK...but he would have been 100 this year, the same year that I turned 80. Hard to believe in both cases. I remember when he was elected and of course I remember the day (and hour and minute) that he died. I spent yesterday at the JFK Library in Boston, for a conference that was based on "writing from l ...
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