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  • November already

    Time does get away from me. But I got away, as well. Howard and I left October 9th and spent three weeks traveling Portugal and northern Spain with a few days in the rugged and remote Pyrenees Mountains, and culminating with a long weeknd in Barcelona in the middle of huge political unrest and demonstrations. 450,000 people marching and chanting i ...
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  • Comments, anyone?

    I have just spent twenty minutes deleting a few of the hundreds of blog comments that are posted to his blog by trolls or spammers or ahetever they are called. It is so frustrating and there seems no way to block them. So I hope you'll bear with me and ignore, if you can, the menaingless and annoying comments...they seem to reappear as fast as I h ...
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  • Summer ending

    Every year this happens: Fall comes too soon. Here in Maine of course, Fall is spectacular. But still, it means another summer has come to an end. I have never gotten the calendar on this website to work properly so I have not been able to post the dates of speaking engagements (which, incidentally, are fewer each year as I get older..80!.. and fi ...
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  • Small Town Maine

      On Saturday morning, Howard and Alfie and I stood on the side of the road and watched the Old Home Days parade in the tiny town of Lovell, Maine (population just over 1000)  There is something nostalic and charming about such events: the aged VFW guys, the float with a handful of Girl Scouts, the solitary man in a kilt, playing bagpipes. And o ...
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  • Poor Bucky

      Some years ago, my brother, a doctor, gave my grandson a human skeleton for his 13th birthday.  The same grandson will be 19 next month and his interests have moved on to other things, some of them better off unidentified.  Bucky (for so the skeleton is named, for reasons I have forgotten) now lives in my office, wearing a baseball cap.  I ign ...
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