The Anastasia Series

Anastasia was born in 1979, at the age of ten.She's been around ever since, and she's only thirteen now. I never get tired of writing about her and her family. Katherine Krupnik, her mother, reminds me of myself.

The Sam Krupnik Series

Sam was born when Anastasia was ten, and for a long time he existed only in the books about her. But kids liked him. Maybe he reminded them of their own little brothers. So at the request of young readers, I gave Sam his own series.

Books about the Tates

Caroline and J.P. Tate are so much like real kids in real families: a bickering sister-and-brother pair, with a long-suffering single mom. They live in New York City, but in one book they spend a summer with their dad in Iowa. In truth, the Tates could exist anywhere.

The Quartet

With the 2012 publication of SON, the series that begins with THE GIVER is complete. 

The Gooney Bird Books

Mrs. Pidgeon's second grade has one student who is, shall we say, somewhat unusual. New to the school in October, by Thanksgiving she has completely entranced the entire class. And there's a whole school year yet to come

Standalone Books

Each of these is an all-by-itself book, not part of a series. They take you from Denmark to West Virginia to Boston, - and many other places - and three of them come from my own life. (See if you can figure out which three!)

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Anastasia Has the Answers

Anastasia continues the perilous process of growing up, as her thirteenth year involves conquering the art of rope climbing, playing Cupid for a recently widowed uncle, and surviving a crush on her gym teacher.

Anastasia's Chosen Career

In her seventh adventure, the irrepressible Anastasia decides that charm school is the answer to her career dilemmas.

Anastasia At This Address

Anastasia Krupnik answers a personal ad, and by stretching the truth, finds herself in quite a predicament when the special "he" wants to meet her.

Anastasia Absolutely

Anastasia finds herself in another embarrassing mess when she accidentally puts the bag of her dog's droppings instead of her mother's packages in the mailbox, and things get worse when the police investigate the mailbox.

Gooney Bird Greene

There’s never been anyone like Gooney Bird Greene at Watertower Elementary School. What other new kid comes to school wearing pajamas and cowboy boots one day and a polka-dot t-shirt and tutu on another? Gooney Bird has to sit right smack in the middle of the class because she likes to be in the middle of everything. She is the star of story time and keeps her teacher and classmates on the edge of their seats with her “absolutely true” stories.

Gooney Bird and the Room Mother

Everything is Mrs. Pigeon's second grade classroom is ready for the Thanksgiving pageant. Except that the costumes don't fit. And there's no Room Mother to make refreshments. And every child wants to be Squanto. And the newly-composed songs are...well, not that great. But suddenly...there is always a suddenly!...under Gooney Bird's able direction, things fall into place and a catastrophe turns into a triumph.

Gooney the Fabulous

It's December in Watertower Elementary School. The school dog is obligingly wearing fake antlers for the holiday celebration. Mrs. Pidgeon's classroom is studying fables and creating their own. Gooney Bird, of course, is making it fun!

Gooney Bird is So Absurd

Gooney Bird Greene isn't a new student anymore, now that it is January. Her classmates are getting used to her. But on the day that she wears her special brain-warming hat to school---well, it is clear that she still has a few things to teach them!

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